Forced labour and child labour are contrary to our purpose, vision and values. We do not tolerate forced labour and child labour in our organization or in those of our suppliers and subcontractors. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect employees, contract workers and directors of each Reportable Entity and subsidiaries of each Reportable Entity to act with integrity and to comply at all times with the letter and spirit of the laws, regulations and rules applicable to each Reportable Entity in the jurisdictions where we operate and in particular with respect to the Act. If instances arise where these expectations are not met, we will strive to respond in an appropriate manner.

This statement outlines the policies and procedures we have in place and the steps taken by us in Canada during fiscal 2023 to reduce the risk that forced labour and child labour is used at any step of the production of goods in Canada or elsewhere by us or of goods imported into Canada by us or third parties supplying us.

We use a Suppliers Charter to obtain the commitment of our suppliers on a series of key themes dealing with: (i) respect for the right to development; employee rights; occupational health and safety; legal compliance and environment commitment, including on the avoidance of the use of forced labour and child labour.

Its signature is an essential condition for obtaining a commercial partnership with Saint-Gobain and it is mandatory for suppliers representing more than €100,000 of spend. By signing the Supplier Charter, suppliers and subcontractors undertake not to resort in any way, shape or form, either directly or through their own subcontractors or suppliers to forced or mandatory labour and to child labour.

In addition, our buyers agree to our Purchasers Charter, in which they commit to principles of behaviour and business rules which include making sure that suppliers proposing their services to us must satisfactorily address environment and health & safety (“EHS”) requirements in their proposals starting with relevant legal requirements.

In 2023, within the scope of our corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) risk analysis process, further described in section 4 of this Report, we have conducted internal analysis of risks of forced and child labour within Saint-Gobain’s activities and supply chains and developed and implemented an action plan for addressing forced labour and child labour. The on-site and digital audits, further described in section 4 of this Report, ensure appropriate monitoring of our suppliers.

Saint-Gobain is an equal opportunity employer. We utilize a global applicant tracking system where all of our career opportunities are posted and external candidates voluntarily apply to positions which ensures that all workers are recruited willingly. To ensure no individual below the legal age to work in their jurisdiction is employed by Saint-Gobain, we validate personal information, including the date of birth, upon hire. All new Canadian employees complete a mandatory training course called “Principles of Conduct and Action” and sign a code of conduct upon new hire. Refresher training also occurs throughout their career.

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